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October 2013

Oct 29

How to supercharge your Peace lily’s cleaning powerYvette

Peace lily Bloom College

    In a previous blog we wrote about the amazing ability of some flowers and indoor plants to remove toxins from the air. We promised a follow up about the whole topic. Bill Wolverton, a leading researcher about using plants to improve air (and water) quality, has published a bestselling book called How toRead more

Oct 23

Detox your home, car and office with Peace liliesYvette

  Know that new carpet, new car, new furniture, newly sanded and polished floor smell? Sniffed or owned plywood, rubber, paint, varnish, adhesives or dry-cleaned clothes? Lashed out and purchased some wrinkle-free fabrics, or flame-retardant pillows, clothes or bedding? Ever been around cigarette smoke? If so, you’ve been getting nasty Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) upRead more

Oct 17

Spring clean for a (tax deductable) good causeYvette

  Any good care and maintenance of flowers and floristry items requires methodical attention to good housekeeping practices and today’s blog keeps vaguely to the theme as we focus on that annual ritual, the spring clean. The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has partnered with Buy Nothing New Month (which runs through October) and Flikkit toRead more

Oct 11

The siren call of gourmet delights and sustainable tablewareYvette

  So enjoyable was our (very minor) detour en-route to Canberra for Floriade that we were tempted to remain detoured, swapping Floriade’s crowds and Canberra’s boulevards for the artistic, floral and other delights of low-key Jugiong. We’ve already shared our story and pics of Keith Simpson’s sculptures and Joan Raddatz’s garden; today we share newsRead more

Oct 10

Wisteria and other wonders in The Hut Gallery gardenYvette

  Those who saw our recent blog about Keith Simpson’s sculptures in downtown Jugiong, New South Wales, will be eagerly awaiting today’s follow-up where we report on what happened when we followed directions from Keith’s disused roadhouse display to The Hut Gallery. We were looking for more of his fantastic sculptures in our never endingRead more

Oct 07

Floriade tour continuedYvette

Bushmen and bullocks by the Murrumbidgee We decided to take our time on our road trip to Canberra for our recent Floriade 2013 visit. Much as we love the Hume Freeway for all it offers those who want to get where they’re going quickly, it regularly tempts one to divert and re-find the towns andRead more

Oct 04

Amongst the tulips at Floriade 2013Yvette

Floriade 2013 Bloom College

  The free city loop shuttle bus put on for the occasion of Canberra’s centenary meant that many happy Floriade 2013 visitors arrived at the gates energetic and refreshed enough to be able to amble around the expansive event without the need for a good lie down or the ingestion of performance enhancing substances. WeRead more