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Flower therapy

Apr 08

Sharing the Flower LoveYvette

flower workshops

It’s Friday, it’s a bit grey in Melbourne (how is it where you are?).  So…we thought we’d share some beautiful bright flower photos to help ease you into the weekend. You’re welcome!   At Bloom College Flower Design School we create Floristry Courses and Flower Workshops for beginners, the hobbyist and those wanting to pursueRead more

Oct 27

Bloom College – Helping our CommunityYvette

flowers for anam cara house

‘The beauty of flowers is for all to enjoy, admire and feel. The visual beauty and energy of flowers can heal the mind, body and soul’  With this in mind, Yvette recently visited the volunteers at Anam Cara Geelong to share tips and advice on Flower Arranging. Anam Cara offers support to people of allRead more

Oct 10

Wisteria and other wonders in The Hut Gallery gardenYvette

  Those who saw our recent blog about Keith Simpson’s sculptures in downtown Jugiong, New South Wales, will be eagerly awaiting today’s follow-up where we report on what happened when we followed directions from Keith’s disused roadhouse display to The Hut Gallery. We were looking for more of his fantastic sculptures in our never endingRead more

Oct 07

Floriade tour continuedYvette

Bushmen and bullocks by the Murrumbidgee We decided to take our time on our road trip to Canberra for our recent Floriade 2013 visit. Much as we love the Hume Freeway for all it offers those who want to get where they’re going quickly, it regularly tempts one to divert and re-find the towns andRead more

Oct 04

Amongst the tulips at Floriade 2013Yvette

Floriade 2013 Bloom College

  The free city loop shuttle bus put on for the occasion of Canberra’s centenary meant that many happy Floriade 2013 visitors arrived at the gates energetic and refreshed enough to be able to amble around the expansive event without the need for a good lie down or the ingestion of performance enhancing substances. WeRead more

Sep 26

Stressed out? Build in some flowers….Yvette

  We know it might appear that some of us here at Bloom College HQ have little to do but trawl cyberspace for weird, wonderful and inspiring facts and features about flowers, design, innovation and all things related to sustainability, but it’s not true. We also have to eat, drink, be merry, create pieces ofRead more

Sep 19

Edible flowers for kidsYvette

  Inhabitat.com is a weblog which focusses on innovation for sustainability in architecture and home design. Inhabitots.com is its baby and parenting supplement website, set up by Inhabitat.com co-founder Jill Fehrenbacher. It’s a resource for parents, care givers and others interested in sustainable, healthy modern design for children. Check out this recent blog: Grow HeirloomRead more

Aug 15

Thoughtful Thursdays-New look Thursday Bloom BlurbsYvette

protea flower

    Thoughtful Thursdays will see us sharing and thinking about big picture issues in floristry, retail and business. Sustainability, globalisation, Fair Trade, industry By what factor do you think the volume of flowers exported from Kenya has grown since 1988? How many people in Kenya depend on the floriculture industry for their livelihood? Why shouldRead more