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Botanicals – fact sheets

Mar 23

Autumn Blooms…What’s in Season NOWYvette

flower school melbourne

Autumn is a lovely time for flowers.  The days are getting shorter, the mornings are getting cooler, and we are spoilt for choice with the wide variety of beautiful blooms available. Here’s what is in season NOW: Dahlias These beautiful and popular flowers are grown in the field in Australia in summer, in areas closeRead more

Jul 27

Flower Spotlight….the LilyYvette

flower design school

Whether they are doing a floristry course, or one of our flower workshops, students at Bloom College all have one thing in common: a love of flowers.  We are lucky to have many types of flowers available to us in Australia – and in this post, we look at the ever-popular lily. Common name: Lily,Read more

Sep 23

Beautiful Bearded IrisYvette

Common name Bearded iris, German iris                                Botanical name Iris germanica How to tell it’s good quality Look for the upper bud to have good colour Avoid stock with dried, drying or yellowing leaves     Stem length 40cm–100cm     Conditioning, care and storage needs Strip leaves from the lower half of the stemRead more

Aug 12

Daffodils – to brighten your dayYvette

Bloom College Intermediate Course

Common name Daffodil, Jonquil Botanical name Narcissus hybrids (daffodils inc large King Alfreds; Narcissus  jonquilla (jonquils); Narcissus erlicheer (double daffodil); Narcissus  tazzetta (paperwhite)     How to tell it’s good quality Daffodils should be brightly coloured with the buds not quite open Jonquils are best if only a few buds in the head are openRead more

Jul 17


Bloom College tulips

Common name Tulip Botanical name Tulipa hybrida How to tell it’s good quality.. Choose well coloured buds and flowers that are partly open Look for strong stems and glossy leaves with no signs of damage or yellowing Avoid drooping or wilting leaves or flowers   Products or arrangements it’s suitable for, stem length.. Stem lengthRead more

Jan 08

Hydrangea – so hot right now!Yvette

One of the most popular flowers this Summer is definitely Hydrangea.  Hydrangea gives me fond memories of my childhood with the beautiful cool blue tones I viewed from my bedroom window. Here are a few points on Hydrangea as a cut flower… Common name.. Hydrangea           Botanical name.. Hydrangea macrophylla, Hydrangea paniculata How to tell it’sRead more

Nov 26

Poinsettia – No plant says it’s Christmas quite like this oneYvette

Bloom College Christmas Flowers

Common name: Poinsettia, Christmas star Botanical name: Euphorbia pulcherrima Products or arrangements it’s suitable for: They look fantastic in table centrepieces but these guys really are beautiful left on the plant in a gorgeous pot. If you don’t have a gorgeous pot you can just decorate one or cover up a plastic pot, using hessian,Read more

Nov 06

Roses in full bloom – fact sheetYvette

Bloom College rose

Roses are by far the most well known flowers in the world.  Rose season is such an exciting time of year and one that makes me grateful I don’t live in tropical climates, which goes against what I have been wishing all winter!  Common name: Rose, Spray roses have several flowers per stem, hybrid teaRead more

Sep 29

Wonderful WaratahsYvette

  Wonderful, spectacular, unique Waratahs are now in flower and putting it out there for your enjoyment in the bush, gardens and through suppliers of cut flowers. Waratahs belong to the Telopea genus of the Proteaceae family, so they’re related to Banksias, Leucospermums and Leucadendrons. There are only four species of Waratah. They originally comeRead more

Aug 23

Fridays friend – Rosemary: A friend to allYvette


Rosemary: A friend to all A participant in one of Bloom College’s first Herb and rose posy workshops was a keen gardener, craft enthusiast and home cook. Having never applied her eye for design or creative instincts to the ‘formal’ art of flower arranging, she came along to add another dimension to her skill set,Read more

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