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Feb 04

Valentines DayYvette

Bloom College Valentines day

Wow, Valentines Day has come a long way in Australia. Florists in the 1980s really saw it as an American tradition that had only slightly filtered through to Australia. They weren’t prepared when one Valentines Day in the mid 1980s was an enormous hit! Valentines Day has blossomed in Australia from that year on andRead more

Nov 05

Indigo Homewares by Aboubakar Fofana – Hermon & HermonYvette

Hermon and Hermon

Last Tuesday I had the privilege of attending the launch of Indigo Homewares by Aboubakar Fofana thanks to Hermon & Hermon in Richmond. I expected to be impressed as I am with everything I see at Hermon & Hermon and impressed I was. It was a great evening hosted by Barbara and John Hermon, heldRead more

Oct 11

The siren call of gourmet delights and sustainable tablewareYvette

  So enjoyable was our (very minor) detour en-route to Canberra for Floriade that we were tempted to remain detoured, swapping Floriade’s crowds and Canberra’s boulevards for the artistic, floral and other delights of low-key Jugiong. We’ve already shared our story and pics of Keith Simpson’s sculptures and Joan Raddatz’s garden; today we share newsRead more

Sep 19

Edible flowers for kidsYvette

  Inhabitat.com is a weblog which focusses on innovation for sustainability in architecture and home design. Inhabitots.com is its baby and parenting supplement website, set up by Inhabitat.com co-founder Jill Fehrenbacher. It’s a resource for parents, care givers and others interested in sustainable, healthy modern design for children. Check out this recent blog: Grow HeirloomRead more

Sep 18

Better than rose coloured glasses?Yvette

  Today we’re letting you know about a product that lets you both look sharp and also frame your world view in vintage style. Cruising around the not-so-mean streets of Melbourne a week or two ago, looking out for style that doesn’t cost the earth, we came across a rather unique example of someone makingRead more

Sep 17


Retrash is a soft cover book, which showcases the work of over 80 artists who are reusing waste in creative and innovative ways. The 3-year collaborative project is complete but the creators need to raise funds for printing and distributing it. They’re launching Retrash on kickstarter.com in November 2013. You can help spread word byRead more

Aug 20

Trending Tuesdays – UppercupYvette

uppercup bloom college

Last week we suggested that Unilever’s pop-up Magnum stores might be, amongst other things, a vehicle for the company to crowd fund research into new ice-cream flavours. This week we profile an out-and-proud seeker of crowd funding, the UpperCup. Melbourne coffee lover and hospitality veteran James McKay has just launched a Pozible crowd funding campaignRead more

Aug 13

Tuesday Blurbs, look at me (and my ice-cream)!Yvette

Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via Compfight cc

Trending Tuesdays, here’s news of a trending store that probably won’t be coming to a mall near you, but we bet you wish it was. The global phenomenon that is the Magnum Pleasure Store is currently operating in Westfield Sydney. Yes, the Magnums referred to are the ice-cream Magnums. The pleasure involved comes from theRead more