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Flower Market Tour

$4200 + shipping

Visit and join the morning’s trade at the Wholesale Flower Market

We learn about flowers, meet traders, purchase if we want and generally get totally involved in this wonderfully fragrant market place. Usually closed to the public, this is a unique experience and particularly useful for anyone currently involved or wanting to join the flower industry sometime in the future.

The market is ordinarily closed to the public but through our tours, we offer access to businesses, the trading floors and the full trading experience of the markets.

This tour is held weekly on a SATURDAY when you can experience being a TRADER FOR A DAY’.

PLEASE NOMINATE IN YOUR BOOKING WHICH DAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND (bookings need to be made at least the week prior to the date you would like to attend). 

Enjoy a morning at the Flower Market just like the traders!! Arrive for 5.45am prompt start. Guided tour, refreshment, info pack, helpful hints, introductions to growers & wholesalers and of course lots of time to make purchases. Ideal for all flower lovers!

Price: $42 per person includes Market Tour and parking 

The tour operator will contact you to confirm the tour date and details with you.

*Please note transportation is the purchasers responsibility

*A minimum age of 16 applies


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