“This whole experience has been truly life changing for me. I feel like myself again : )
Absolutely loved everyday with both yourself Natalie and Nicole.
Can not wait for more learning and fun.
Thank you again : ) so so much”

— cass

“I really enjoyed Yvette’s floristry classes and looked forward to them every week. Yvette obviously has a lot of experience in the floristry business and she taught us the techniques behind some fantastic arrangements and gave us some great little tips too.  She was always respectful of everyone’s particular style and allowed us to develop our own artistic flair. Her classes were always fun and relaxed. Yvette gave me the confidence and skills to prepare the bridal bouquets for two weddings, which was an amazing experience. I cannot wait for the next class!!”

— kate

“I got so much out of the classes, It’s not just about the beautiful flowers but about the ability to be creative with my hands and being helped at each step of the process. I look forward to doing another class soon. It was great having fresh flowers in the house each week too.”

— margaret

“I attended a short course in floristry which was always interesting and joyous to be part of. A passionate teacher taught me to care for, see the creative potential of and appreciate the beauty of every flower. I was given practical experience, encouragement and confidence to pursue further training.”

— christine

“Thankyou for the lovely time my Mother and I had yesterday at ‘Wild and Free’ It was just amazing to hear my 89 yr old Mums excitement on the drive home from class. She adores her beautiful arrangement and really appreciated the thoughtfulness and care shown to her. Thank you again for allowing us to park so close to your door, providing a stool for her to rest on and the total professional that was evident throughout the afternoon. Natalie was patient and very skilled. We had a fantastic day.”

— marg

“My time at Bloom College has been inspirational and I cannot speak about Bloom College highly enough. I will be recommending to all budding florists or anyone and everyone who would like to have a little creative outlet.”

— alice

“My mother and husband signed me up to one of the night classes 9 months after the birth of my first child, just to get out of the house for some much needed “me time.” I instantly fell in love with the class and couldn’t wait for each weeks lesson to come around. In fact, I even signed up to the following classes! Yvette was encouraging, more than willing to help, full of advice and information. Her years of experience and vast knowledge of the florist industry shine. I picked up loads of little trade secrets and tips and left feeling confident in each arrangement I created. I not only learnt how to technically arrange flowers using elements and principles of design, but also how to put myself and my heart into each arrangement. Yvette’s passion for flowers is contagious and she has given me a whole new respect for flowers and arrangements.”

— sarah

“The teacher was kind, patient and attentive. It was a great outlet for me to be to switch off and just enjoy the creative process, which I have never done before. Loved it all.”

— kerry

“Classes with Bloom College were enjoyable, comfortable and relaxed. Students were encouraged to meet their potential and follow best practice in a patient manner. The teachers are highly qualified, professional, experienced, creative and competent.”

— chris

“I want to extend a huge thank you to each and everyone of you for providing me with an amazing 6 month Career Change Course. On Saturday I walked out of class with a smile on my face knowing how far I’ve come and excited about the future. I walked out of that class believing I could do and achieve anything. Yvette, Thank you for dreaming up Bloom College! I remember “oohing and aahing” about whether this was the course for me and I can say I have absolutely no regrets. I feel blessed and honoured having attended such an amazing course and so happy to have met such incredible like-minded flower buddy individuals. I’ve learnt so much over the past 6 months. The course covered a broad array of arrangements; with a great balance of theory and practical. So thanks to you all that played a role (big or small) and helped create and mould me into the florist I am today.”

— nicole

“I am so grateful to Yvette for allowing me to participate in the course at the last minute. It was a pleasure to be within such a lovely group of women brought together to be uplifted, encouraged and inspired. Both the learning environment and the course content were more than everything you promised it would be. I walked away absolutely enchanted by the entire three days and the prospect of becoming more deeply involved in the industry. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you once again for all of the kindness, training and support. Georgie and Natalie were also outstanding teachers and carry the same passion, kindness and ability to impart their wisdom. What a blessing to an emerging generation of up and coming florists!! I would strongly recommend this course to anyone seriously considering event floristry with the courage to take the next step forward.”

— michelle

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