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February 2014

Feb 27

Posy bouquetsYvette

Bouquet flower basics course

Posies are one of the most traditional floral arrangements. They have been used since at least medieval times when they were carried to disguise the unpleasant smells of the era. In particular the brides who carried them. Their popularity is timeless, no doubt due to the versatility of their use and the varied materials thatRead more

Feb 17

Element of Design – LineYvette

Line element of floral design

Line is the direction in which a viewer’s eye travels when they look at a floral design: it gives a sense of movement around, through and out of a design. The designer may want the viewer’s eye to be drawn in and around the design. They may want the viewer’s eye to be drawn inRead more

Feb 07

Element of Design – COLOURYvette

Colour floristry design

Colour refers to the visual response of the eye, it has the strongest emotional power of all the elements. Combining colours and creating harmony with them can be one of the most pleasurable parts of floristry. Colour is very subjective. Many colour schemes have been created to help designers keep order and control viewer emotions.Read more

Feb 04

Valentines DayYvette

Bloom College Valentines day

Wow, Valentines Day has come a long way in Australia. Florists in the 1980s really saw it as an American tradition that had only slightly filtered through to Australia. They weren’t prepared when one Valentines Day in the mid 1980s was an enormous hit! Valentines Day has blossomed in Australia from that year on andRead more

Feb 03

Grow flowers and Save BeesYvette

bloom college daisy bee

Surround yourself with beauty (and save the world) You know that you can save your psyche, soothe your jaded senses and generally perk yourself up with your daily (or weekly) dose of cut flowers in the home or office. But did you know you can save the whole world by allowing a range of flowersRead more