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August 2015

Aug 24

OHS in the Floristry Industry: ScenariosYvette

flower school

Following on from our post last week, we look further into OHS in the Floristry industry. Last week we listed some examples of possible risks and threats when working with flowers.  This time, we’ll give a real life scenario for each of these, outlining the issue itself and the action that needs to be takenRead more

Aug 18

OHS in the Floristry Industry: What You Need to KnowYvette

flower school

In this first of our 2 part series on OHS (Occupational Health and Safety), we look at the specific risks involved in the Floristry industry. Below is a list of examples of possible risks and threats. Once you become aware of these, you can ensure that all measures are taken to prevent any incidents happeningRead more

Aug 11

Floristry Basics: Colour TheoryYvette


In our previous post about Colour we talked about how colour has the strongest emotional power of all of the elements (did the vivid colours in above photo really grab you?), and how combining colours and creating harmony with them can be one of the most pleasurable parts of floristry. In this post we delveRead more

Aug 03

Floristry Shorthand – an important (and handy) skill for every floristYvette

floristry career change course

Following on from our post about Taking Client Orders, let’s take a look at Floristry Shorthand – and why it’s an important and handy skill to have. Why & When to Use It Whether or not you are speaking to them over the phone, or in person, customers often speak very quickly when giving youRead more